Friday, December 18, 2015

Such Tremendous Progress!

      There is a feeling of accomplishment in the air at OQS. As we come closer to the end of December I look back on all that we have accomplished thus far. Students who are practicing PAWS behavior have made many gains. Every day we collect data on student behavior. Our PBiS teams look at and analyze the data and bring it to the staff at every staff meeting for all teachers to examine and discuss. Together we identify trends in the data to plan for instruction and re-teaching of expected behaviors as well as identify students who may need extra support such as check in/check out, positive behavior plans, special time with a buddy teacher, lunch groups with the counselor and other teachers. Every month we identify a school wide focus based on the trends we see in the data and reinforce that focus with extra lessons and recognition. At our last PTO meeting I was able to report out on our most recent data. I am proud to share the results of the hard work your children and our teachers are doing to improve the behavior at OQS. Out of 194 students (not including pre-k), 19% (37 students) have had 3 or more support forms filled out on them, 29% (57 students) have had only 1 or 2 support forms filled out on them, 52% (100 students) have had no support forms filled out on them, and 81% (157 students) are considered to be practicing our expected behaviors; practice safety, act responsibly, work to learn, and show respect. We can attribute the success of a steep downward trend shown in the graph below to the efforts being made to increase positive feedback and our reward system of alphabits, purple star cards, golden paws, classroom rewards and school wide rewards. Many of these rewards are community/ and culture building. When we increase the likelihood of positive behavior we increase the opportunities for students to be available for learning. This should be reflected in our standardized test scores.

            There continues to be a great deal of learning going on here at DBS. Students proudly present their learning in public ways at community meeting time. I encourage you to visit your student’s classroom webpage to learn about the incredible work that goes on everyday.
            We have slowly been transforming our classrooms into flexible learning spaces by introducing new and innovative seating choices. We have purchased several floor chairs as well as standing desks to help students focus better and encourage collaborative learning.

            The holiday concert was the highlight of the month for me! What a joy it was to see so many smiling faces and hear so many jubilant sounds coming forth and shared with such an appreciative audience. I hope that the feeling you got from this experience will propel you into the New Year with peace, love, and joy.